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Porch Spindles in Old Paint

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Matching Victorian porch spindles, also called balusters, in very good condition. They're more than a century old and were lathe-turned and retain lots of style and detail. Each has great, old, crackled white paint which adds charm and character. They measure 20 inches long and 1 3/4 inches square at the ends. The wood is in very good condition and free from woodworms, termites and dry rot. These were salvaged from houses that were torn down and make good replacements for porch railings on old homes! Balusters like these can also be repurposed as primitive, decorative pieces! For example, the rounded midsection on one of these could be cut out and both remaining ends crafted into candlesticks by boring a hole in each. They show age and some wear from the elements and that's part of their charm! Available in lots of 6 for $30.